Who ?

Well, me, Alain BALAY, owner of the blue dog, supported by a few mad associates, but the only working force of the thing…

See how being a publisher makes you look handsome and intelligent?

Where ?

In Toulouse of course!!! Let’s be serious…

Why ?

I’ve done many things in the gaming world :  game librarian, FLGS seller, assistant to a publisher, convention organiser.

And after all that, despite the overflowing of games in the past years, there are still games that I “miss”, gaps in the gaming space that haven’t been filled yet.


And so, with my experiences, I has the strong desire to throw my ideas in these empty slots…


How ?

It’s what you feel while playing that makes a good game.

So I’ll focus more on “gameplay”. This barbaric anglo-saxon word means to me the pleasures, the feelings, the thoughts the game tries to evoke.

This type of things mainly depend on the players around the table, and many other details, but, still, the game, by its mecanisms, its theme, and its editorial process can make it easier or harder.

For example, talking about old stuff, “Age of Steam” is still for me a great party game, but the truth of this very personal statement has not been made easier by some design choices.

So, i am looking for games with a strong natural gameplay that I will try to magnify through my development process.